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Ros and Bob Abraham

No photographs from this reunion but I received the following email from first time attendees Bob and Ros Abraham

Hello Ray,

We finally got to a reunion last Friday at the Botanical Gardens. We arrived at the Gardens at 11.00am and made straight for the Kiosk, not wanting to be late! We sat there until we thought no-one was coming and decided to walk around to warm up as it was quite a cold day, 20deg. and a cold wind blowing.

At 11.45 we got back to the kiosk and had another cup of tea. We saw a couple of men arrive, but Bob didn't recognize them. At noon we finally saw a group of women arrive, then more men, so we thought we would ask if they were from Largs Bay Class 53. They were!!

We were delighted to meet Judith Whitehorn, Anne Lewis, Barbara Woodward, Marilyn Bloffwitch, Barbara McRostie, Cynthia Harris, Bob Rayner, Brian Quinn, Colin Evers, Deane Hutton, Bill Marston and Ian Johnson. We had a lovely chat to them all, then had to leave before our time expired on the parking metre.

Sorry you couldn't make it. Hopefully we will catch up at the next reunion.

Regards Bob and Ros.