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Re-Union in Botanical Gardens 26 October 2012

Cynthia and I flew to Adelaide for the 2012 (59th year since Grade 7) and we were pleased to see those who attended.

As the photos show. In attendance were (I've used maiden names where applicable because that's how I still remember them!) Margaret Heywood, Anne Lewis, Barbara McRostie, Marilyn Bloffwitch, Horst Blase, Ian Johnson, Judith Whitehorn, Cynthia Boots (also ex Largs Bay Primary School but 3 years behind us) and Ray Walton your scribe.

David Barclay arrived later after an MRI scan and X-rays. It seems that this is a common procedure for many of us these days! I forgot to photograph him. Sorry Dave.

We also formed an impromtu Committee for the 60th year Re-union. The feeling was that it shouldn't be an onerous task like our brilliant 50th. No special guests or speakers. A get together over a meal with many in attendance. So it's Lunch at the Largs Pier Hotel at Midday on 25th October 2013.

Marilyn has agreed to contact all the girls using the addresses etc. gained last time and we're hoping that Bill Marston will do the blokes. It is important though that we all spread the message wherever we can. Marilyn is going to ask the Pier to cater for 25. If there are going to be more we're sure the Pub will be able to cope.