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Robert outlines his building plans at our 26th October 2007 Reunion

Robert Raynor was very excited about his plans for a "Sea Change". His Tea Tree Gully home is currently on the market but he has already had plans drawn for his new residence at Blanchetown.

Robert has two blocks opposite each other in the same street. One will house his elevated home and the other will become his shed etc. The blocks are on the Waikerie side of the Murray on an island that is well above the most recent flood levels.

All present however believe that we will never again see the likes of the '56 flood. So we reckon Robert is safe.

All the best with your plans Robert!

My apologies to the "girls" for using your maiden names in this reunion story but I, as one mere male, still remember you more readily with that name.
I was able to join the 16 other "kids" present with several sending their apologies including Clive Hutton, Bob Abraham, Margaret Goodfellow, Pam Beeken (in Egypt!) and Robert Rankin (in U.S.A.).
I didn't get to have a real chat with all present but picked up the following bits of information.
Colin Evers is about to have a hernia operation. Some of us know all about that operation Colin!

Judith Whitehorn has purchased a new computer and wants to save her current email address book. I hope I helped Judith. Anyone with greater expertise than me is most welcome to offer any advice!

Alma Grace has had a bout of Ross River fever. I'm touching wood each day because it's prevalent up here but of course it's not just a Top End disease. Bloody mosquitoes get everywhere! One disease that is also rife up here at this time of the year is meliodosis. We're warned not to go barefoot especially if you have cuts on your feet, are old and feeble and a diabetic. So that's the lawn mowing out for the next 6 months. Not likely! SWMBO will have something to say about that. Meliodosis or not!

Deane Hutton continues to visit Singapore each year for a couple of weeks lecturing about science. He spent a couple of weeks in Darwin recently lecturing teachers from Top End Communities (Remote Aboriginal Towns) and was well received. You may have seen Deane on the New Inventors a few times this year. He's our version of Professor Julius Sumner Miller!
Allen Arthur has also been to Darwin with a reunion of Cyprus Peacekeepers. Allen said that unlike other peacekeeping police tours of duty the Cyprus one was quite easy. They even resided in Hotels! This would make those currently serving in the Solomons and other third world places quite envious!
Bill Marston and David Barclay were reminiscing about when Torrens Island was first developed and the Army involvement (I think) but I forgot to make notes. It seems that most of our schoolmates have some interesting tales to tell about their experiences after Largs Bay Primary. I'd love to share them with everyone!

Several wondered how Anthony Smith was getting on and if he was still doing his wonderful line drawings? Also Tony Griffiths who we think is still lecturing at Flinders University? And how is Jackie Ledger coping with her low blood pressure problem? Are you still growing trees Jennifer? Any information from or about them and any others of our '53 group is most welcome.
Simply email me (raywalton) and I'll pass the info on.

Deane & Ian
Deane Hutton and Ian Johnson
Barbara & Barabara
Barbara Woodard and Barbara McCrostie
David Barclay and Horst Blase
Margaret Heywood and Nancy Asplin
Margaret Heywood and Nancy Asplin
Anne Lewis, Marilyn Bloffwitch and Judith Whitehorn
Marilyn Bloffwitch and Alma Grace
Robert Rayner
Robert Rayner
Jan and Colin Evers, Bill Marston, Allen Arthur
Jan and Colin Evers, Bill Marston and Allen Arthur
Anne Lewis, Marilyn Bloffwitch and Judith Whitehorn
Anne Lewis, Marilyn Bloffwitch and Judith Whitehorn