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It was a good roll-up to the Botanic Gardens Re-union on 27 October 2006 and again thanks to Clive Hutton we have these memories of the day and those involved.
Before the day Clive also contacted a few others including Anthony Smith and Martin Boas who both unfortunately couldn't make it and he had a good chat with Len Gardner. Clive said that Len's memory is still great at 93 and he asked after a number of the '53 kids. Clive had also met Len at the Lakes Hotel a few weeks earlier where Len was celebrating his 93rd with wife Kath, daughter Jane and her daughter. 3 generations! Len advised that he wouldn't be able to attend the Botanical Gardens Re-union.

It is believed that Alan Arthur has moved down the South Coast of SA and if anyone knows how to contact Alan we would appreciate it. That applies also for any other of our mates from 1953. We want to be able to keep them all "in the loop". Bill Marston is the best bet to advise. Phone Bill at (08) 8341 8897 or email Bill. (Click to open email to Bill) Below are thumbnails of the photos Clive (& Brian Quinn) took at the 2006 re-union. CLICK the thumbnail to see a much larger photo that you may even like to print.
An apology from me (Ray Walton email) but I don't recognise the lady with Cynthia Harris in pic #8 below.

table 1
Some of the reunion gang.
table 2
Further round the table
table 3
and some of the boys
Anne and Cynthia
Anne Lewis and Cynthia Harris.
Barbara Woodard and Marilyn Bloffwitch
Bill and the Hutton boys
Bill Marston, Clive and Deane Hutton
Brian and Bill
Brian Quinn and Bill Marston
Cynthia Harris and Unknown (sorry).
David and Ian
David Barclay and Ian Johnson
Deane & Geoff
Deane Hutton and Geoff Cathcart
Geoff & Robert
Geoff Cathcart and Robert Rayner
Glenice & Nancy
Glenice Hammond and Nancy Asplin
Ian & Horst
Ian Johnson and Horst Blase.
Lyn and Graham Smith
Marilyn Bloffwitch and Judith Whitehorn
Robert Rayner and Barbara Woodard.