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It was great to see the following at this years re-union at the Kiosk in the Botanical Gardens;
Bill Marston, Brian Quinn, Horst and Greta Blase, Colin and Jan Evers (from Victor Harbor), Graham and Lyn Smith, Judith Whitehorn, Margaret Heywood, Ann Noble (nee Lewis), Cynthia Furness (nee Harris), Barbara Seery (nee McRostie), Clive Hutton (our paparazzi king), Deane Hutton and Anthony Smith (By bus from Lyrup).

The following advised that they couldn't attend this year. Bob Rankin (in America), Tony Griffiths (on Train to Perth), Helen Hales (nee Holt), Margaret Edwards (nee Goodfellow starting Art class. Perhaps she can paint next year's Re-union?), Alma Morton (nee Grace, Caravanning), Alan Arthur, Roy Leckie, Glenn Pitman, Roger Searles, Keith Burgess, Ray Walton, David Barclay, Ross Lehman, Marilyn Brown (nee Bloffwitch) and poor Bob Raynor was about the get in his car at Blanchetown and fell hurting himself and couldn't drive.

The weather was fine at the start but attendees could see the weather closing and wisely moved inside. Some late attendees got wet but overall it was a great day and all look forward to next year which is Friday 26 October. Hopefully it won't rain!

A brief discussion about what to do in 2013 arose? This will be the 60th Anniversary and some thought it would be a good idea to do something a bit more special. The "Old" Committee that set up 2003 are not keen on doing all the hard work for a "Major" event so it is open to all to come up with ideas. One suggestion was Lunch at the Largs Pier Hotel. Any others? Email Ray Walton and attend next years Re-union to make a decision.

My thanks again to Clive Hutton for supplying the photos and Bill Marston for the report.
Any information about our '53 group is most welcome.
Simply email me (raywalton) or write to PO Box 710 Howard Springs NT0835 and I'll announce it on the website.

Horst & BrianGreta & Horst
Jan & ColinGroup Pic
Some GirlsMarilyn & Anne
Bill Deane & a MartianLyn & Graham Smith
Clive HuttonMargaret & Judith