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15 "kids" gathered at the Kiosk in the Botanical Gardens Adelaide on Friday 28th October 2005. Cynthia Harris was there earlier but had left before our photographer Clive Hutton was able to "capture" her image.
Alan Arthur may seem overdressed in a suit for a casual meeting but he was working and slipped away to say g'day and we thank you for that Alan.

I have used the Family names of the beautiful women who grace this page because that is the name that we remember them by from Largs Bay Primary School.
A big thank you to Clive Hutton for taking these photos that make for happy memories for those who attended and interesting talking points for others who view this website.

Marilyn Bloffwitch, Barbara Woodard, Margaret Heywood, Anne Lewis, Nancy Asplin, Judith Whitehorn.
Marilyn, Barbara & Margaret
Anne, Nancy & Judith
Brian Quinn, Horst Blase, Alan Arthur, David Barclay.
Robert Rayner, Bill Marston, Deane Hutton.
Brian & Horst.
Allan & David
Deane & Clive