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Reunionists reunite on Friday 29th October.
Outside the kiosk at the Botanical Gardens, 13 Largs Bay '53 kids gathered to talk about old times, new times and probably never were times!

Those present called it a special day. Pleasant surroundings, good weather and lots of reminiscing. The boys pulled two trestle tables together so that they had plenty of room to spread out and enjoyed lunch. Some brought their own and others tried the Kiosk's fare.

Largs Bay Girls
Back row from left; Barbara McRostie, Judith Whitehorn, Nancy Asplin & Barbara Woodard.
Front row; Judith Andersen, Cynthia Harris, Marilyn Bloffwitch & Anne Lewis.
Largs Bay Boys
From left; Clive Hutton, Tony Smith, George Edwards, Martin Boas and Bill Martson.

Judith Whitehorn reports;

Barbara Woodard & Nancy Asplin
Barbara Woodard & Nancy Asplin

Cynthia Harris, Marilyn Bloffwitch & Barbara McRostie
Cynthia Harris, Marilyn Bloffwitch & Barbara McRostie

2 Judiths
The 2 Judiths. Whitehorn & Andersen

Photo of Marilyn & Barbara
Marilyn & Barbara enjoy some photos.

Barbara & Anne
Barbara McRostie & Anne Lewis

Roll Call

Marilyn Bloffwitch. Judith and Marilyn shared Brownies, Guides and Marilyn's mother's ballet class 50 years ago.

Barbara Woodward. Judith & Barbara shared ballet, and she was Judith's sister's hairdresser for some time.

Cynthia Harris. Judith & Cynthia spent probably eight years in the same class and it was less than 10 years ago that Judith discovered that her great-grandmother was a Harris. It may be just a coincidence because they haven't found any family connections - yet!

Judith Andersen. Judith worked with a cousin of Judith (does that make sense?). The two Judith's shared a photo taken during their Grade 7 trip to Phillip Island, which prompted much discussion about the trip with Miss Henderson and Miss Cooke.
Judith adds, "After we returned to Melbourne from our stay on Phillip Island, Judith (Whitehorn) was travel sick and was left in the cafe, where they'd had lunch, while the others went to see a film. What wonderful memories those girls have! Those present soon agreed that the film was Hans Christian Andersen starring Danny Kaye. Research on the internet shows the film was made in 1952 which fits in nicely with the 1953 trip."

Now there's a bit of gossip to follow up on!

Barbara McRostie. Judith passes a McRostie Street on her way to swimming twice a week and wonders if it has any connection with her family!

Nancy Asplin. Nancy & Judith may have been in Guides together. Not too sure but that's a point to follow up next reunion.

Anne Lewis. Judith was able to show Anne a photo indicating that they were in the same "six" at Largs Brownies.
AND Judith Whitehorn.


Bill Marston. Bill and Ray Walton are in some of Judith's Class Photos. Bill was a good friend of one of Judith's cousins, Allan Whitehorn, in Scouts, and worked with another cousin, John Finlay, and two of Judith's Uncles at ETSA. Bill asked Judith to send regards to both cousins which she's done Bill.

Clive Hutton. Judith & Clive went to Adelaide Technical High School. Clive worked for Quarry Industries (later Boral), and Judith currently works in the same industry - Hanson Construction Materials (called Pioneer until July this year).

Martin Boas. Martin also went to Adelaide Tech.

George Edwards. Judith & George grew up in Claughton Road.

Tony Smith. Judith discovered that he was called Anthony at Largs Bay and then realised that he also shared the same classes at Largs Bay for a while. Judith has a cousin called Ron Finlay who lives in Loxton which is not far from Lyrup where Tony (Anthony) lives. Apparently Ron Finlay has often mentioned Tony, but it took Friday's gathering for the penny to drop! Tony & Anthony Smith are one and the same!

Ray Walton has an anecdote to the Whitehorn connection. Frank Whitehorn (another who worked at ETSA as did Ray's Dad) tutored Ray in the art of pencilling and employed him soon after Ray turned 21. You couldn't enter a Racecourse under 21 in those days!
Frank ran the Interstate stand for his Bookmaker brother Cyril and Judith's Dad Owen (he was the Butcher - remember?) carried the bag and loved backing horses that Roy Higgins rode. Cyril Whitehorn had the Betting Shop on Fletcher Road Birkenhead until the SA Government cancelled them and gave their owners racecourse licences.

Another piece of fascinating history of Largs Bay that we all lived through and tend to forget until somone mentions "did you know so & so."
Thanks to Clive Hutton for the Photos and it was great to see Clive in the photos as well!

The group is planning a pre-Christmas lunch at West Lakes on Monday 6th December and decided that there would be another meeting at the Gardens again on 28th October 2005. Please mark those dates in your diary. You might be able to get there!