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Letter from John Gardner

1953 Football Team with Len
Len with the 1953 Football Team.

Len passed away on 26 August last year. His son John fondly remembers the many Largs Bay students who attended the service at the Semaphore Palais and get together at the Woodville Hotel and has sent this letter;

My Dad was Len Gardner, ex teacher, who passed away last August and there are some terrific tributes, photos, etc of him & from the funeral day.

I would like to thank & compliment those responsible, from me and, on behalf of my Mum, Kath and the rest of my family. The photos of Mum & dad at the reunion have also been great to see. I would also like to thank the group of ex students who attended the funeral, sang 'Look for a Silver lining' and read tributes and then some who came for a few drinks afterwards at the Woodville Hotel. It was great to catch up with them and hear their stories of times with Dad. They have all confirmed those great qualities that we knew Dad possessed and the wonderful influence he had on them and many others.

It's only a month away from 12 months since he passed away.
I would appreciate it if you could pass this onto someone connected with the 'largsbay53' website and it's contents. Also, please let me know if there is a forum for me to communicate with them directly.
Regards, John