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Hello Ray [and fellow ex scholars].

I sincerely hope this email comes through to you ok.

My name is Kingsley Shoumack and I attended this school from 1954 to the end of the 1956 school year.

Its with great interest that I was able to discover the stories and photo's of the school reunion, and I've had a hell of a job trying to make contact with someone from that committee or someone through the facebook site. I even emailed the school to see if they could give me a contact name... no reply.

I lived in Alfred Street, and for a while I attended the Port Adelaide Primary School before being transferred to the LBPS at about the start of grade 5. My teacher then [1954] was Mr Spud Murphy. What a character he was... sneaking smokes at every opportunity. Boy, did he like dishing out the cuts, and I had my fair share of those from him.

I dont know how, but I passed my exams and finished up in grade 6 [1955] with Mr Len Gardner. What a brilliant teacher he was, and it was a great pleasure for me to attend school in those day and his classes, especially when he played his Saxophone to us in the class room. Us brats nicked named him "Freddy" after the renowned Saxophone player [Freddy Gardner] at the time being played on the radio. I can assure you Ray, from someone who absolutely hated school [I spent more time wagging it] before attending Mr Gardner's classes, he turned my life around so to speak.

Then of course, in 1956 I went into grade 7 with Mr Sam Catford. He really opened my eyes to History & Geography in particular. I wasn't to [sic] much interested in the other subjects either, but we had to do them. Mr Catford could hand out the cuts also, but I can't recall getting them from him [and that's strange indeed].

Some of the students in grade 7 with me were Kingsley Plows. We actually sat together in the classroom so as to confuse the teacher. He had a sister Glenys I think her name was. Then there was Malcolm Riddell. He had an elder brother named John. Lin Bloffwitch sat behind me as did Charlie Leckie. Another was Barrie ?? who I'm sure was the class bully, and there was a ?? Goodson. He was one of the sons of the teacher Ms Goodson, who later became Mrs Smith.
One of the girls I can recall from the girls school in grade 7 was a Joy Smith, and she lived at Taparoo.[sic]

Another teacher I can recall, was Mrs Adams.. she was like WOW. From time to time we would have her as a relief teacher and she would have us singing war songs, I guess from husband's experiences... "When the Caissons Keep Rolling Along".
Then there was a Mr Lister. He taught the grade 4's I think. Boy, he was scary...

For family reasons, I left school at the end of grade 7 and never had the opportunity to go to high school. I enjoyed my time at LBPS, and have often wondered about and searched for my class mates above, all to no avail sadly[sic] to say.

As I've said, it was with great interest that I was able to catch with the news of the 2003 reunion. Having spent quite a bit of my working life within South Australia, NSW, Canberra, Europe & Asia, I'm now retired and live at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, and its highly unlikely that I would be able to come back there for any future reunions, but I would like to be kept up to date with whats going on, especially if I could find any of my old classmates.

If you know any of those I've mentioned above, please feel free to pass on my contact details.

My best wishes to all,
Kingsley Shoumack.
Caloundra, Qld
0400 184 269.