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I received an email from Tony Griffiths who wrote;

"Dear Ray,
Sorry to have been off the radar. A Merry xmas to you. Mr Murphy would have been suprised to find that Oxford University Press New York have just published my new book "Stockholm" free to you on Google Books. If you have insomnia I recommend it.
best wishes,

Tony is being very modest! As for Murphy, I bet he'd smoke several thousand cigarettes before finishing the book! Then one of us would get the cuts!
Tony Griffiths
Oxford University Press, 2009 - History - 228 pages
Situated on one of the world's most beautiful harbors, Stockholm has set the benchmark for civilized urban living since the time of the Vikings. Tony Griffiths reveals a city of power, intrigue, and murder; of scientists and investors; and a sensual city, home of Greta Garbo and the smorgasbord. Its medieval period saw the Vasa dynasty turn a small town into the capital of a dominant European power and a major trading port. In the Napoleonic era, Stockholm established itself as a center of both technical and social innovation. While the city has suffered more than its fair share of misfortune, Stockholm's cultural and commercial elite transformed it into a community which now welcomes innovation and spreads the fruits of its achievements far beyond its borders.
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"Stockholm" by Tony Griffiths

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I'm very interested in the book "Beautiful lies" and I'll see if I can get it through the Adelaide River Library. ISBN I 86254 590 1.

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