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Ray Walton


On the Travellers for Tuesday and Wednesday nights I used to find some Trivia, usually with a picture to include at the top section.

It was for a bit of fun and to break the seriousness that can envelope a bridge table.

A couple of players used to read it regularly but there were many other comments from players that they didn't have time to read it and/ or they weren't sitting at North who usually was the only player to have a chance of reading the trivia.

Traveller Example
At times when Michael was the sit-out Director he would read the spare Traveller (usually Board 16) and found them interesting. So he suggested that everyone should get the opportunity to read the "Traveller Trivia".

So each week a new piece of Trivia that would normally appear on the Traveller has migrated to a website giving you (and anyone on the World Wide Web) the opportunity to read and enjoy. And so that they don't feel left out, Saturdays also have some Trivia.

AND you can suggest what you think might be interesting Trivia by emailing me at

Just click on the coloured text alongside the date.

Cheers, Ray.


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