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Fiftieth Cover

Thanks to Bill Marston we have two books produced by unknown persons who no doubt attended Largs Bay Primary School.
The second, a photocopy production is titled History 1919 - 1983.

Thanks to those who were involved in the gathering of the data and making the recent history of our School known. I was interested in both books and learn that one of the features of our school, the Norfolk Pines were planted in 1925! Eighty years old in 2005 they are representative of not only the School but the LeFevre Peninsula because of the extensive plantings on the Esplanade and Lady Gowrie Drive.

The cover (above) draws together the local popular pastime of sailing and the Largs foreshore with the prominent Jetty. It was designed by Andrew Inglis.

Click Here to download a PDF file of the book for printing.