A celebration of the October 2003 reunion of the kids that attended Largs Bay Primary School between 1946 and 1953.
I hope that you enjoy the photos and the stories that will follow.
We are always looking for more (with names if possible). Please contact Ray Walton by clicking here.
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Photo of screen
The audio/ visual show about to start
Len and Deane
Deane Hutton & Len Gardner
Deane, Len & Miss Bowes
Deane, Len & Miss Mary Goddard with the Reunion Cake.
Part of the old & new students
Part 2 of the old & new students
The Reunion Committee.
the Girls
the Boys
Marilyn, Deane and Bill
Marilyn Brown, Deane Hutton and Bill Marston.
Grade 6 and 7
Len Gardner's Grade 7 Boys from the Grade 6&7 class of '53.
Graham Smith
Graham Smith thanks Len Gardner for showing him the joy of music.
John Porter
John Porter
Anne Edwards
Anne Edwards (nee Drever)
Miss Boas
Miss Mary Goddard
Andrew McLennan
Fife player extraordinaire, Andrew McLennan.
Len Gardner
Len recognises the boys of '53
Jan, Colin, Peter
Jan & Colin Evers with Peter Loveder.
Geoff and Judith
Geoff Cathcart, Judith Grocke, ??? & Anthony Smith.
Graham and John
Graham Smith & John Deacon.
Nancy Asplin, Marilyn Bloffwitch, Anne Drever, Raelene Wicker and Joyleen Bates
Anne Drever, Geoff Cathcart & Robert Rayner.
More kids
???, Barbara Woodard, Jackie Ledger and Rosemary Quilley
Group kids
Barry Remfrey, Deane Hutton, Judith Whitehorn, Anne Lewis & Ray Walton.
Lorraine and Neville
Lorraine & Neville Pollitt
John and Robert
John Deacon & Robert Rayner.
Rodney Hanson, Brian Quinn, Len Gardner, Glen Pettman & Reg Freak
Dianne Jeffree, Barbara McRostie, Aileen Brand, Margaret Heyward, Alma Grace, Helen Holt, Raeleen Whicker & Joyleen Bates
Andrew, Ray, Deane
Andrew McLennan, Ray Walton & Deane Hutton