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Vale John Raddatz

John Raddatz

Jackie Wheaton (Ledger) writes that unfortunately John Raddatz passed away on 29th November 2004.
John suffered poor health over recent years. During the 1980's he had a heart by-pass. He was a severe diabetic and was legally blind. This meant that he wasn't be able to have a drivers licence. The diabetes affected his feet as well meaning that he often stumbled and fell.

Jackie and John were neighbours for 10 years until John moved into a friendly disabled unit about 12 months ago.
Jackie and her friend Joan Andrews (Christensen) took John to the reunion last year and they used to take him to lunch at the Leg Trap Hotel and then shopping at West Lakes. Jackie said that she has fond memories of the days out at the Leg Trap with John and hasn't been able to return there since John passed away.

Some of us remember John joining the Air Force and playing Baseball. He played Baseball in America at one time.
Farewell John!